Good dental health is just as important to your dog or cat as it is to you. You wouldn't go days, weeks, months or years without brushing your teeth or seeing a dentist, right? Neither should your animal companion. If your pet's teeth and gums aren't cleaned regularly, there's a much greater chance that they'll develop a number of unpleasant oral health problems, from bad breath and broken teeth to dental disease, a serious yet common condition that can wreak havoc on your pet's entire body. At Henry County Animal Hospital, we want to help your pet beat the odds and achieve a lifetime of good oral health.

We offer a complete line of pet dentistry services to help your pet achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our comprehensive preventative dental care includes a thorough examination of the teeth and gums, as well as professional teeth cleaning and polishing using cutting edge equipment and technology. We'll work hard to keep tartar and plaque at bay, and to reduce the chances of your pet developing a dental problem down the road.

Should your companion already suffer from a dental problem, there's still a lot that can be done to either correct the problem or manage it in a way that will improve your pet's quality of life. We are equipped to handle a variety of advanced dental treatments, including abscess care and tooth extraction. Even if you've never given your pet's oral health another thought, it's never too late to get them on the right path!

Finally, in addition to our professional pet dentistry services, we'll also include you in the process. After all, you are your companion's biggest advocate, and since annual cleanings aren't usually enough to keep the mouth clean and free from bacteria, it's important that you step in and help as well. We'll gladly work with you to provide you with guidance and demonstrations on various dental care techniques that you can use at home, in between vet visits, as well as advice on certain products you can try that will help support your pet's oral health year-round. Together we'll work hard to help your four-legged friend enjoy a clean, healthy smile for life!

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